About Us

Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) was established in 1996 with an aim to produce and disseminate real estate related knowledge with particular emphasis on Asia. Starting with 60 founding members, AsRES has grown rapidly. In a short period, AsRES has established her presence in Asia by holding conferences in Hong Kong, Taipei, Hawaii, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore. AsRES will hold her 15th annual conference in Taiwan this year, followed by meetings in Korea (2011) and Singapore (2012).

Every AsRES annual conference has made important contributions to the real estate field. The largest AsRES conference was held in Beijing in 2000, where over 500 participants with 54 paper sections (a total of 256 papers) and 12 industry discussion panels. The meeting might be the largest real estate conference in the world to date. Except for the founding meeting, all other AsRES meetings had more than 100 research papers presented at the conference. AsRES also established her official journal (International Real Estate Review) in 1998.

AsRES offers a great opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about Asian real estate markets and to interact with real estate educators and professionals in Asia